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My wife and I would like to thank you for your consideration in partnering with AD Ministries. We do not take your commitment to this ministry lightly. Your donation ensures that we are able to expand the Kingdom of God in throughout the world, and we are most grateful for all of our current supporters as well as future supporters, who are committed to assisting us with this appointed task. Being a partner isn’t just a onetime thing, but it’s a consistent commitment in which we all share the benefits that are promised to us when we join forces together and expand the Kingdom of God throughout the land. Your commitment to AD Ministries allows us to share its Vision, save lost souls, and teach the word so that they might live a life filled with abundance. 

Upon partnering with AD Ministries, with your donations of $25.00 or more monthly, you will receive a few gifts and resources daily such as newsletters, free audio CD or DVD messages, discounted tickets to conferences and events, plus other valuable information, and opportunities. We look forward to becoming a partner with you, and we can assure you that your contribution to God’s vision for this ministry will impact many followers. It is our prayers that His blessings shall sustain you to consistently partner with us each month, and we truly appreciate you for considering to become a partner with AD Ministries. Click On the donation button below and begin your partnership with us.

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